About Art of Danville...

Allan Crain is the proprietor of Art of Danville as he retired from the business world after living in Chicago, Tulsa, Nashua, NH and Indian Wells, CA.  Allan has lived in Danville for eight years and is devoted to art, specializing in portrait painting as well as landscapes.

Allan's emphasis is on helping professional artists become more successful. Havin a passion for art that has grown over the years, he eventually decided to create an opportunity and fill a niche for the visual arts, and artists in Danville and the surrounding region.

Allan says" there are so many talented artists in this region of the US, and such limiting resources for them. Not just in sales opportunities, but also services for the artists themsleves. We don't carry art supplies, but there are a great many functions we will be doing that artists can greatly benefit from. Professional art duplication and Giclee printing, art restoration, quality frame lighting and other things that are difficult to find or to get quality services for these. We also hope to create a nice venue for consistent, well publicized art showings. And to keep it all affordable."

As an art professional, he has a unique, and advantageous perspective gained from different standpoints in related industries. Having a lifetime of business, coupled with technological art skills, along with extensive experience in everything decor and point-of-sale related along the way, positions him as a most suitable curator for the fine art offerings of others in a gallery setting.

A Grand Opening!

Art of Danville officially opened its doors on January 8, 2016 with an incredible turnout of artists from both the U.S. and abroad making a big splash in the inner circles of artists, decorators and collectors alike. This evening, as well as all of our events are a great opporunity for all.

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Whether your just a fine art admirer or are in it for a purpose, stop by and see us at Art of Danville. We're open Monday - Friday from 10am-5pm and Saturday10-4.