Artist Allan Crain

Allan's residendence since 2008, has been here in beautiful Danville, Kentucky, with Art of Danville being a more recent endeavor. He says of Danville, "it personifies Americana and I love it here with my many friends and acquaintances". Allan was born and raised in Chicago and has lived in Tulsa, Nashua, NH, and Indian Wells, CA. He says, "I’ve lived an exciting life with varied responsibilities as a Chicago Policeman, Industrial Engineer, Airline Dispatch Agent, General Manager, International Electrical Equipment Manufacturer and Broker-Owner of Real Estate Offices in Nashua. I’ve designed plans for various housing sub-divisions concentrating on interior design and utilization."

As a painter, he has studied under some of the most sought after teachers in the art world, but is truly humbled by the skills of many of his peers. Allan is also an instructor for various different styles of portraiture and other genre in oil. One of the most sought after is a method of oil painting and portraiture used by the late Frank Covino. After studying Mr. Covino's methods, and others, he's fallen in love with the classic, and old world styles.