Artist Betty Davenport

I lived in LaGrange for many years and owned and operated a business on Main Street. I design interiors for many of the best known and successful people in Kentucky as well as on the national and international levels. My work has Been featured in numerous national publications and I've heen the recipient of many design awards.

My clients trust me with my judgment, tastes and strict confidentiafity. I take great care in learning what is most important to the client and then implementing a plan to fulfill their dreams. I plan weddings and other special events for clients who expect the utmost in discriminating taste. My marketing and advertising have heen minimal as I have thrived on preferred references. I have traveled extensively to Europe, especially the French countryside over 50 times purchasing antiques, studying art and learning to love the amhiance and the people of the region. These experiences influence my designing and painting. My design and art education include Georgetown University and University of Louisville. I have restricted my painting to “Commissioned Only" for many years, however I have now found some extra time to devote to still life and landscape paintings.