Artist Joel Klepac

Joel Klepac is an artist working in oils, encaustic and printmaking. After completing a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art painting, he worked with children in crisis in Romania for almost 9 years, engaged marginalized children in art activities and regularly exhibited his paintings in the local art guild. He returned to the USA, completed a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and now works at Centre College as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and enjoys making sense of psychological and spiritual insights through the painting process.

"I begin my painting in an undifferentiation process, something like the breaking down of the body of the caterpillar into goo. By using blind contour, drawings of the edges of plants, trees, flowers, brushes, and junk in the studio are turned into organic lines and shapes. From these “imaginal discs” pregnant with resonances in the world, begins to grow a new composition, a new creature. These paintings are journeys of self discovery, of exploration of physical, psychological and social life spaces.
The real work of my painting process happens in the chaotic dark of a canvas full of undifferentiated organic and geometric lines. It is the dark of the unconscious, of silence, of the unknown, unverbalized experience which is the subject. In this silence, forms emerge, meanings, and surprises, revelations of things that were under the surface and yet had never been illuminated."
~Joel Klepac