Artist Judy Schaefer

My desire to become an artist came to me as a child as I spent endless hours painting and drawing. As the years passed, the pursuit of any artistic talent was interrupted as I attended school, married, raised four children and was employed by Centre College for 16 years. After my children were grown, I decided to pursue a life-long dream of becoming an artist.

I began my work as an artist with two semesters at Centre College; one semester in drawing taught by Sheldon Tapley and the other, in oil painting taught by Alex Stelioes-Wills. The workshops I have taken include palette knife painting, given by Susan Sarback at the Art Center in Bloomington, Minnesota. Other workshops were at the Artists Attic in Lexington, Kentucky given by Ilona Royce-Smithkin of New York; Bill Fletcher of Nicholasville, Kentucky; Hedi Moran of Scottsdale, Arizona; Kaye Franklin of Graham, Texas; and Dreama Tolle Perry of Paris, Kentucky.

I paint in oils because of their slow drying time, which allows me to make needed changes. I like to consider my art as being timeless and therefore appreciated in the years to come. I enjoy painting in miniature; sometimes realistic with tiny brushes and sometimes impressionistic with a palette knife.
I would not be where I am today without the love and support of my husband, my family and the many friends that have encouraged and inspired me. I also thank Mary Neely of Lexington for the many years she mentored me while attending the Thursday Painters at the Artist Attic in Lexington.