Artist Marlene Hanna

Marlene paints in oil, pastel and colored pencil. She is versatile and paints a variety of subjects including Still Life, Portraits and Landscapes. She enjoys capturing the simple beauty found in nature and in ordinary, everyday things.

Marlene's motivation to paint comes from a love of the natural world around her. Her subjects are eye-pleasing and express the ideals of beauty and harmony. Her attention to detail and accuracy is remarkable. She attracts the viewer to stop and notice the extraordinary forms and beauty in existence.

Marlene paints with a seamless surface of invisible brush strokes that produce an illusion of reality by manipulating the brush and pencil. She is careful not to display the medium in large, thick brush strokes. She celebrates the beauty of the subject by using composition, light and color.

Marlene is from Canton, Ohio and attended Kent State University, graduating with a BFA in painting. She moved to New Orleans and attended the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts for 16 years while working for the U.S. Forestry Service. She now lives near Gravel Switch, Kentucky. —— Marlene’s oil, pastel and colored pencil are an incredible illusion of reality you truly must see up close!