Artist / Photographer Sam Davis Johnson

Sam’s commercial airbrush illustrations, photographs and other media have been on the international scene for over 30 years. As an artist, Sam works in all mediums and specializes in airbrush, but also works in pastel, oil, watercolor, pen & ink, colored pencil and mixes thereof and is the creator of the "Symmetrical Perspectives" series and "Serenity Limited Edition" photographic print series. His online catalog contains over a thousand fine art prints and photographs. Although now primarily a fine artist, he also does commercial work with established clients, including digital illustration, architectural design, photography, book publishing, audio & video pre & post production, website programming and more.

Sam has also been in the music industry all of his life, but art and photography are the true first love. He currently resides and works at his farm studios in the Harrodsburg, Kentucky countryside, where his photo/videographic studio, art studio, audio studio and fabrication shop pave way for creative endeavors. Sam is also an instructor in airbrush, pastel & multimedia illustration, photographic specializations and audio production.