Artist Teresa Shelton

My love of art began in the 6th grade when Mom gave me a Jon Gnagy Drawing Kit. With that gift, she helped me find myself. Many a day I came home disheartened alter being picked last for whatever 'sport of the day' was being played at school recess. I found comfort in drawing. That summer, pages of the workbook became tattered and worn as I completed all the lessons. In school that fall, a drawing of my cat won a 1st Place award. I was hooked! That simple start has taken me on a life long journey as an artist.

My youth was spent on a small farm in central Kentucky; riding horses. playing in the fields and Grandpa's creek, along with working in tobacco. hay and the family garden. Through these activities, I developed a connection with the land, it's peaceful places and wild things, a connection that shows throughout my work.

Most of my techniques have been self-taught with a style that has developed into an impressionistic realism. The blend-ability and slow drying of oils makes it my favorite medium with the directness and tactile feel of pastels coming in a close second. I've found that capturing the essence of a subject is best done through direct observation. So with camera in hand, a sketch book and small pochade box. I strike out in search of subjects that speak to me. Back in the studio, I use my findings to create larger works. Overcoming the peculiar obstacle of being red/green colorblind has taken me years. Switching to a limited palette when mixing colors has seemed to be the answer. Each blank canvas is a new challenge which keeps me coming back to my easel time and again.

Over the years my work has been honored with numerous awards and has been included in exhibits across the Midwest and Southeast United States and abroad. In 2014. 'Sunrise Sentinel' oil was accepted into the prestigious Oil Painters of America Eastern Regional Show. My oil, 'Tree Top Trio,' oil of pelicans won the lst Place Award at the 2015 Central Kentucky Art Guild All Member Show. Art patrons can find my work at fine art in several states throughout the Midwest and Southeast.